Our Custom Glass Services in Queens, NY

Most people literally look right through the glass in their homes and offices, never giving it much thought until something breaks. It might be the glass itself has been hit by an object, or the mechanisms that open and close windows have worn out. Getting your glass repaired or replaced isn’t something you leave to just anybody. You need Custom Glass Services of New York City. From a cracked window to a makeover of an entire storefront, we’ve got the experience, training, and reliable results you can depend on.

Custom Glass Fabrication & Installation in The Big Apple

From new storefront construction to home remodeling projects, the glass is one of the trickier parts of the job. We work closely with our customers to provide them with exactly the glass they need. It might be insulated glass, shower doors, or anything in between. Glass brings in the light and pushes back the walls when your decor is feeling crowded, old-fashioned, or dark. Our custom glass installation brings a whole new look to any business or residential living. We have the added advantage for our customers because we can begin work right away. That means no money down at the time of the order. So don’t worry about a deposit- just worry about getting your glass services. Call us so that we can get to work immediately. We discuss your needs and designs. We make the repairs. We install it right the first time. We leave our customers happy. That’s the way we work in NYC.

Custom Glass Replacement Services in Queens, NY

Break a window? Maybe you had a bird strike against the patio door or maybe it was just a fourth grader with a baseball. Besides the fact that you now have to deal with broken shards of glass in your room, you also have the weather coming into your home or office. That can make things go from bad to worse, and do it fast, too, but we can be there right away. This is one of those situations where our no-money-down policy really saves people’s nerves. Quick, professional custom glass replacement services are what we do for you. The replacement will be custom made to both fit the window and match the style of the other windows on the property. Your window will be as good as new. We can’t say the same for the bird or the baseball.

Custom Glass Repairs in Queens, NY

Custom glass repairs are a common issue for our customers. They need a crack fixed or a stone chip smoothed out. We’ll come to you and make the repairs without interfering with your schedule any more than we have to. With our experience and your customer satisfaction on the line, we’ll meet any custom glass need in New York City with quality labor, workmanship value, and lasting results.

Glass Tabletop Installation & Replacement Services

When you need a fresh new look to your office or home, something that lets the light in, consider glass tabletops. These are sleek and stylish. They open up space in any room allowing for more light as well as a reduction in close, cluttered decor. Glass tabletops become an intense focal point for any meeting room or dining area. We can provide that intensity of light and space for you with tempered glass. Contact us to discuss shapes, styles, colors, beveling, polishing, and the thickness of the glass we work with. Call us or visit online to shop from home. See the variety of glass services we offer and let our work speak for itself. If NYC has style, it’s because we polished it and installed it for them.

Glass Shelves Fabrication, Replacement & Installation

Custom glass shelves have a similar effect. They provide space and allow light to flow more freely. They will not distract from the items on display in a storefront. They are more durable than people realize, and they can be custom designed, fabricated, installed, and then enjoyed for their timeless beauty and stylish function. If the look of your room has become dated, frumpy, or it’s just falling behind, let the experts come in and give your surroundings the glamorous wake up they need.

For custom glass fabrication, custom glass installation, large scale, small scale, tables, shelves, walls, doors, and everything in between, NYC can rely on Custom Glass Services. Our work is immediate, professional, safe, licensed, insured, and we place customer satisfaction first. If you live in New York City and you need glass repaired or replaced, call us. If you’re designing a new remodeling project for your business or home, call us. If all you need is a new glass table for your showroom, just give us a call. We’d be glad to provide the quality glass services you’re looking for.