‘In-House’ Antique Mirror Fabrication in Queens, NYC

Queens Shower Doors is a top source for all your ‘in-house’ antique mirror needs and we are dedicated to serving Queens, NYC. We provide reliable services to both residential and commercial establishments, and our antique mirrors come in unique and different shapes, sizes, cuts, and designs. We provide different antique mirror services including restoration, resilvering, and replacement services. As such, you can trust us to design unique and personalized antique glasses that will meet your expectations. You can also be sure that we will design a 100 percent unique design for you if you want customized products. We offer free design consultation services to our clients and high-quality antique glasses within the shortest time possible. This will ensure that they get value for their money.

Types of ‘In-House’ Antique Mirrors that We Provide

You can trust us to offer you the different types of antique mirrors that we offer to our clients. Some of the antique mirror designs that we offer are:

  • Cabinet Inserts
  • Table Tops
  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Mirrored Furniture
  • Wet Bars
  • Large wall mirrors in Lobby area

Antique Mirror Silvering & Restoration Services in Queens, NYC

Are you looking for a reliable antique mirror restoration or antique mirror resilvering service provider in New York City? If you are, we could be your best bet. As your mirror ages, it will start losing its reflectivity and shine, which means that it will no longer be beautiful. You can trust us to conduct silvering and restoration services on your mirror at competitive prices. Our company boasts of highly trained technicians who will silver and restore your mirror’s brilliance and luster so that it can be beautiful again. We will ensure that if the silver coating on your mirror has faded away, we will silver it. We will conduct a glass resilvering carefully and ensure that your mirror does not break. Our technicians have the right tools, experience, and skills to ensure that they conduct a successful glass resilvering. As such, you can contact us and enjoy unrivaled antique mirror resilvering services within New York City.

Antique Mirror Restoration Facts

Here are some of the facts that you need to know about the restoration of antique glasses:

  • Mirror glass is always heavy and delicate: To ensure that your mirror glass does not break easily, ensure that you have a strong supporting wall before you install your antique glass.
  • When fitting your mirrors to the wall, it is always recommended that you use mastic to keep the mirror attached to the wall and to minimize the risk of dropping and breaking.
  • If you are worried about the openings on your wall, we can provide you with cutouts that are designed to be outlets for different purposes.
  • Our technicians will ensure that they cut the glass to fit sizes. ‘Cut to fit’ glass ensures that there is maximum utilization of space and enhances creativity.
  • You can trust us to fit sheets of the mirror to cover an entire wall conveniently. We ensure that we grind and polish the mirror edges to give you a seamless and beautiful finish.

Antique Mirror Restoration Benefits

Many people are opting for mirror restoration rather than replacing them, and this is due to a number of benefits that come with the restoration. Some of the benefits that you enjoy from restoring your mirrors are:

  • It is cost-effective: Generally, you will incur less if you restore your antique mirror rather than replacing it. If you want to save some money and redirect it to another task, you can opt to go for a restoration rather than a replacement since this will save you some cash.
  • The services help you restore the mirror to its original state: The act of restoration is designed to ensure that the antique glass appears as it did when it was first installed. We boast of highly qualified personnel who have an extensive experience in restoring antique glasses to their original state. This means that your mirror will look as good as new after we are through with it.
  • The services allow the mirror to regain its reflectivity and shine. Part of the restoration process is to ensure that the mirror regains its reflectivity and shine by resilvering it. If you have issues with the declining reflectivity of your mirror, you can trust us to restore its reflectivity and shine.
  • The restoration services also extend the lifetime of your mirror. When you restore your mirror, it will be recoated with paint. The paint will prevent further damage from environmental conditions and this will extend the durability of your antique mirror.